Humans Being gives new meaning to the term "interior design" through its simple yet powerful guidance for those ready to enrich their lives from the inside out. This book underscores the power of love and the supremacy of the heart to help people reconnect with their essence and contribute to bringing about the fullest expression of being human.

Bea Mah Holland, Ed.D.

Who We Are

One of us loves to cook, plays well on-line, has a few opinions about things, would rather get a massage than answer this question, is known as “neat and tidy” by virtually all clients, has great dimples, and gets things done on time. She’s the blonde.

The other one does not cook, is technologically allergic, eats chocolate, laughs a lot, is only sometimes on time, plays with art, and loves to talk. She listens pretty well, too. That would be the redhead.

And these are only our two founders, Lynn C. Potoff and Lou Ann Daly. As you can tell, we are not particularly tied to convention, (though highly credentialed—the blond in business, the red head a sociolinguist: both former executives), we consider our greatest credentials the great relationships we continue to have with clients and the transformational change they are creating every day.

We are also a community of Certified Practitioners in the U.S. and Europe with a wide range of experience and interests. All of us are committed to practicing what we preach, living our own paths, and continuously inviting others to do the same.

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