If you would like a glimpse of our coaching perspective on women's leadership and what holds women back, try our new coaching CD, Releasing the Critic Within. We have packaged some of the common issues women face when separating the noise in the head from the wisdom of the heart.


For us, coaching is not about fixing anything or anyone. We are not event-based. Rather, we work with “champions” to continuously improve, using their natural strengths, to reach for the gold ring. We are professional and life coaches, working with Director-levels through CEO, who also specialize in coaching emerging women leaders and women in transition. To learn more, please contact us.

  • We start at the center by clarifying core purpose and essential nature.
  • We increase clients’ awareness of what is and is not working in their thinking in terms of results they want.
  • We build clients’ ability to remain centered in difficult times, lead with confidence, and tap into the strengths of their organizations to get things done.


We offer several public workshops, ranging in length from 2 hours to eight days. For more details, see our Schedule of Events.

Certification Programs

Clients who have completed either our Journey to the Center workshop or in-house leadership development equivalents may elect to enroll in our 6-day intensive certification program. Those who complete the program will be certified in O!LAD exercises and philosophy, using Humans Being: Creating your life from the inside out either within organizations or independently. What this means is that they will be able to lead groups in working with our book or may choose to design their own workshops, based on Humans Being within their organizations or for independent use.

O!LAD supports a non-competitive business model for certification, which is based on building capability in others and then helping each other to build businesses to get the word out.

If you would like to join a group that is learning how to support each other personally or professionally (we call them Civilitea Circles), or you would like to engage the services of any of our certified professionals please see our list of Certified Humans Being Professionals.

If you would like to become certified yourself, please contact us.

Customized Leadership Development Programs

These programs vary in length and structure, according to the clients’ needs and based on practices O!LAD has found reliable in delivering sustainable results. To learn more, please contact us directly to discuss your organization’s needs.

Executive Women’s Leadership Development Programs

With a decade of experience focused on what helps women advance to and succeed in senior leadership roles within organizations, successfully navigate their careers without losing their voices, and lead more confidently, we have proven success in helping organizations to better use women’s leadership strengths and women to work effectively without losing themselves within their organizations.

Our women’s programs, while customized, all include longer-term face-to-face intensive sessions (not event-based), time to apply new thinking and concepts in between, and ongoing coaching, as a part of the program structure. To learn more, please contact us.

Motivational Speaking

If you’re feeling stuck or still reeling from the last round of changes in your organization, you might find what we offer to be the light at the end of the tunnel. In our talks, we are fun, upbeat, informative, and inspiring. We help groups to recognize where they limit their own potential and invite them to play with new ideas and approaches for shifting their thinking and results. We are especially excited about any venue that addresses women’s leadership potential, confidence, and impact in whatever life situation women find themselves. Contact us for further details on how to engage us to present to your group.

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